Sustainability, simplified.

The only E-commerce widget that makes your sales planet positive.

Handprint allows your customers to seamlessly support impact projects at the moment of check-out.

Join the movement, we’ll plant 5 mangrove trees for you!

How does it work?

Handprint makes impact interactive and engaging, so companies need no longer choose between a booming business and a thriving planet.

1. Customize your contribution to impact projects

2. IntegrateHandprint’s widget with your e-commerce

3. Start making an impact with your customers

4. Track your handprintand get updates from the field

The projects you will support.

We partner with two of the most established mangrove conservation and reforestation organizations on Earth: Worldview International Foundation (WIF) and Yayasan Gajah Sumatera (YAGASU).

Not sure if Handprint is for you? No problem!
Reach out to us directly and we’ll work something out together.